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Linder Boats

Linder Boats North-West Retailer

As North-West retailer for Linder Boats, we can advise, source and supply full packages including trailers, engines and Linder accessories.

Linder have been producing boats and canoes for over 50 years. Based in Sweden the company’s robust philosophy has been shaped by many generations of thrifty, down-to-earth people resulting in a highly efficient and sustainable product.

Produced ‘Smartly’, little is wasted. The boats and canoes are made from aluminium – a material that can be recycled time after time. Light, but strong aluminium does not corrode easily, and it is exceedingly formable. The sheet metal for the hull is shaped (stretched) around a form (form stretching), producing the familiar, soft harmonic lines that constitute one of Linder’s trademarks.

The combination of well-chosen materials and well-designed hull profiles means Linder boats are extremely seaworthy, unsinkable, and light, giving you more speed with less horsepower. Years of feedback from satisfied customers, testify that Linder boats are appreciated for their stable and safe design.

Build Your Boat

Come and speak to our Linder Boat experts here at Derwent Water Marina or give us a call on 017687 72912 to discuss your requirements.  You can view all the different options and accessories available on the Linder website, and we will help you to put your perfect package together, order everything in and fit your boat out for you.

Call on 017687 72912 or email: info@derwentwatermarinaco.uk for details.