Derwent Water Marina are dealers for Pioner Boats.  We can advise, source and supply full packages including trailers, engines and Pioner accessories.  Full packages can be tailored to your exact specifications and accessories can be fitted by our onsite workshop to mean you are ready to hit the water and enjoy your new boat straight away.  For accessory prices or for a tailor made quote please phone 017687 72912 or email

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Pioner boats can cater for all situations ranging from a family boat for the kids up to a full spec response boat for the police or fire service.  We can fit you boat out for exactly what you need it to do.  Team this with the ultra tough nature and minimal maintenance, Pioner Boats will not disappoint.

Pioner 8 Mini

The Pioner 8 Mini is a boat that can be used for many things: Put it on the car roof rack and be sea-ready wherever you go; use it to get to and from another boat; tow it, or let the children learn good boating habits with this sturdy boat.  The Pioner 8 Mini has a good speed with a small engine, and is easy to row. Lengthwise seats provide comfortable seating and the oars can be secured with straps during towing.

Prices Starting At £1,450

Pioner 10 Classic

The new Pioner 10 Classic is a smart and safe boat that is easy to handle and manoeuvre. A perfect choice for both children and adults.  This modern model is self-draining, solid, easy plaining and great to row. The Pioner 10 Classic feels really secure and at the same time suitable for many different application areas, which is prized by young and not so young. The boat seats three people and approved for 8 HP.

Prices Starting At £2,250

Pioner 12 Maxi

The new Pioner 12 Maxi is a modern and secure multipurpose boat. It is self-draining, easy plaining, very solid and stable. Pioner is the market leader in rotational moulding, and has taken this moulding process to new heights with the new Pioner 12 Maxi. With its double hull, the boat is extremely safe and full contact between the deck and hull makes the boat stiffer and more robust.  The boat seats three or four people, and the high freeboard ensures everyone will have a comfortable and dry boat trip. The longitudinal thwart is designed for the best possible rowing.

Prices Starting At £2,750             

Pioner 13

The Pioner 13 makes owning a boat easy. It planes, easy to drive and stable. Good seaworthiness is a quality much appreciated by fresh boat owners and experienced boat people alike. The boat is suitable for smaller 4-strokes and rowing.  The standard model is spacious and comfortably seats five people. Two lockable storage spaces are big enough for baggage, equipment and a fuel tank. The boat can be fitted with handrails and cushion sets.

Prices Starting At £3,100         

Pioner 14 Active

The Pioner 14 Active is one of our latest models. It combines classic lines and good driving comfort with modern details and a handsome finish.  The hull has pre-drilled holes for rigging. There is practical storage space on the port side for boat hooks and fishing rods etc. On the starboard side is space for small items such as mobile phones and wallet etc. The boat also has battery space, space for a fuel tank under the aft thwart, and two storage compartments under the mid thwart. The boat has excellent buoyancy, a high deck level and is ideally suited to today’s four-stroke engines. The high freeboard ensures a dry and comfortable boat trip even in slightly rougher waves. The Pioner 14 Active is a spacious boat that seats four people and offer plenty of boating pleasure for active boat lovers.

Prices Starting At £4,200         

Pioner 15 Allround

The Pioner 15 Allround is taking over from one of the country’s most popular holiday home boats. We have incorporated everything that made it such a huge success in the development of this new boat and we are proud to launch a practical, safe and stable Pioner boat in a new design language.  The boat is a genuine allrounder where everyone onboard will feel safe and travel in comfort whether to go fishing, on family outings, transport items or for work, other activities or any other purpose on the day’s agenda.  This spacious, stable and seaworthy 15-footer offers plenty of room. Smart solutions such as storage spaces help keep the boat neat and tidy, and you can add various optional extras to customise the boat to your personal preferences.

Prices Starting At £5,200       

Pioner Viking

The Pioner Viking planes easily with excellent seaworthiness. The boat has a high freeboard and is an ideal family boat. The Pioner Viking is a self-draining boat with a well proven hull. The standard model has three lockable spaces for baggage, equipment and fuel tank. The boat can seat six people in comfort. Optional accessories such as a targa frame with lanterns, stainless steel railings, seat cushions, windscreen and windscreen frame make Pioner Viking an attractive boat with plenty of speed potential.

Prices Starting At £7,500     

Pioner Multi III

The clue is in the name. The Pioner Multi is such a smart design its versatility extends to being ideal for rescue services, fishing, diving and for your holiday home. Professional boat people have been devoted to this boat thanks to it numerous practical advantages and generous load capacity. The bow gate is now 92cm wide and is lowered with a rustproof winch, for easier boarding/disembarking and loading/unloading. It planes easily and is extremely seaworthy. But the Pioner Multi is not purely aimed at professionals.

Prices Starting At £12,200   

Pioner 17 Flexi

The Pioner 17 Flexi is designed for active boat users. For example, the boat has automatic self-draining, twin centre control consoles and stainless steel side handrails as standard. You can also upgrade the specification with lanterns, swim ladder, upholstered seats and back support etc., as optional extras. A solid and incredibly seaworthy and stylish allrounder. The Pioner 17 Flexi open boat and cabin boat are also suitable for all sorts of different application areas such as diving and watersports. The Flexi has plenty of deck space that offers scope to add additional seating at a later stage.

Prices Starting At £12,000     

Active 14 Professional

Our best-selling model by far in Norway, the 14 Active is a user-friendly, stable, manoeuvrable and robust boat that requires little in the way of maintenance. Tough and durable, it combines excellent seaworthiness with an attractive appearance. The high gunwales ensure that passengers and cargo stay nice and dry, even in choppy waters.

A Pioner 14 Active package offers great value for money. This model scores top marks for versatility and build quality, and is simple to handle and transport. Built-in rope cleats make it easy to lift the boat into and out of the water using a crane and slings. The Pioner 14 Active has ample room for four passengers and is designed for use with engines ranging from 15 to 25 hp.

For our professional customers, customizing the boats according to your wishes use and needs are an important part of our service and philosophy – be it optional equipment, colours or other necessary adjustments.

Multi Professional

This complete all-rounder with plenty of cargo capacity has long been popular with professional boat users. The Multi III, introduced in 2014, is our best-selling model worldwide. Stable and safe, this hardy yet versatile workhorse is the waterborne equivalent of a 4×4: practical, useful, efficient and robust. Built to handle a wide variety of tasks, the Pioner Multi gets the job done even in tough conditions.

The Multi has been used for many years by police, fire and rescue services and by organisations like the Red Cross. Divers, marinas and fish farms find it the perfect match for their needs. Other Multi users include sheep farmers, reindeer herders, hunters and contractors. We recommend installing a 50–80 hp outboard engine, but it can also be fitted with a tiller outboard as small as 10 hp for use as a workboat. This model is certified for a payload of 1,122 kg and up to 10 passengers.

The foam-filled bow door is 92 cm wide. It is operated by a rustproof winch for easy embarking/disembarking and loading/unloading. With a wide selection of optional equipment available, the Multi can easily be customised for a range of purposes.

For our professional customers, customizing the boats according to your wishes use and needs are an important part of our service and philosophy – be it optional equipment, colours or other necessary adjustments.

Viking Professional

This capacious and practical 15½-footer with V-hull has been a popular model for many years and is now selling better than ever. Built to withstand intensive use, this safe and sturdy boat is versatile, user-friendly and perfect for tourist rentals, aquaculture, angling and nautical training.

The high gunwales ensure that passengers and cargo stay nice and dry, even in choppy waters. Other plus points include excellent seaworthiness, minimal maintenance and self-draining construction. The Pioner Viking has ample room for six passengers and is designed for use with a 30–40 hp engine.

For our professional customers, customizing the boats according to your wishes use and needs are an important part of our service and philosophy – be it optional equipment, colours or other necessary adjustments.