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Torqeedo Electric Outboards

The Leader In Electric Drive Boats

Derwent Water Marina are dealers of Torqeedo electric outboard motors.  We can advise on and source all of the Torqueedo engines ranging from their ultra light canoe/kayak motors up to high performance engines and everything in between.  The ease of use and environmentally friendly nature draws many into now using an electric outboard.

Torqeedo drives cause no water pollution with exhaust gases, oil or petrol. With regard to their carbon footprint, they are superior to combustion motors in a wheel-to-wheel comparison. This means that they pollute the atmosphere far less than combustion engines even when all the outboard’s production steps and power supply are taken into consideration. The reason for the better carbon footprint of Torqeedo’s electric drive systems is their low, resource-saving weight together with their dramatically lower power requirements in operation.

If you have any questions or queries about any Torqueedo product please phone 017687 72912 or email info@derwentwatermarina.co.uk.  Below are the details of some of our most popular engines.  For more options please visit https://www.torqeedo.com/en

Travel 1103 C

With its integrated lithium battery and outstanding efficiency, the Travel 1103 C is a great alternative