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Site Use

There is space ashore for dinghies (up to 16′), canoes, kayaks, windsurfers and SUP boards. Leaving your boats with us during the summer and winter months, saves you the inconvenience of storage and transportation, and gives you more time for enjoyment on the water.


Site Use – Storage Ashore Summer Dinghies (under 16′) Canoes, kayaks and windsurfers
Full Season £365 £135
Month £85 £50
Week £55 £30
3 Day Weekend
£35 £20
£20 £10 (1 car and 1 craft) +£2 for each additional craft
For ashore site use – dinghies must be less than 16ft and under 250kg.
Site Use – Storage Ashore Winter
Dinghies £175
Canoes & Windsurfers £65
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