What you need to wear on the water will vary depending on the craft you have chosen and the weather conditions on the day below is a list of items we would recommend.   You also need to consider what else you are taking out on the water with you: for example if you are wanting to take your phone or camera with you make sure you have something waterproof to store it in – we do sell dry bags in our shop if you don’t have anything.  If it’s a warm day you may want to take a drink out on the water with you.

  • If you are on a paddle board and wanting to borrow a wetsuit you will need to bring Swim wear to go underneath, a non-cotton T shirt and fleece if is cold.
  • The best kit to wear on the water is usually sports clothing as it is warmer when wet and usually dries quickly. Cotton clothing can be uncomfortable when wet & isn’t great at keeping you warm!
  • Towel and warm clothes to put on afterwards
  • A pair of old trainers or water shoes
  • A woolly hat in spring and autumn
  • Peaked hat, sunglasses and sun cream in spring and summer.

£1 coin for a hot shower (not available at the moment)

Please be aware we do not have lockers on site for storage, however we can look after car keys for you.